The new school year is about to start in Uganda.  The children have enjoyed their 2 month holiday, but very soon they will be back to their long school days followed by evenings of homework! Currently we support a total of 67 children in their education. 51 are in Primary […]

300 Club for Education Fees

Over the last two weeks we have read about the importance of education, and how both Olivia’s and Dr JB’s education support helped shape their futures.  This week in the last of the series, we read about Patrick – Olivia’s brother.  Patrick is an accountant at Mildmay Uganda. Patrick’s Story […]

How Education Support Makes a Difference – Patrick’s Story

Last week we read about about the importance of education, and how Olivia’s education support helped shape her future.  This week we read about Dr JB Mawanda.  Dr JB – as he prefers to be called – is a medical doctor at Paragon Hospital, Uganda. Dr JB’s Story My name […]

How Education Support Makes a Difference – Dr JB Mawanda’s ...

Olivia is the Administrator and Head Social Worker at Victory Child Care Project-Ty Cariad, in Namugongo, Uganda.  In her role, she is involved in all aspects of child care provision, from residential care, to temporary care, to community support, and resettlement and reunification.  She is a fervent supporter of providing […]

Olivia’s Story – Administrator and Head Social Worker at Victory ...

Periods, they’re a pain. Literally. For many of us women it is a rough time of the month, and that is with the use of pain relief and sanitary ware. It is easy to forget that many don’t have access to these supplies, making periods even more difficult to deal […]

Let’s Make Periods Less of a Pain – Kate is ...

I first became involved in the ministry some seven years ago when I was invited by Dr Joseph Serwadda to speak at some conferences at his church in Kampala. I travelled with Paul and Jan Thomas, and Harvey and Jan Jones, and together we stayed at Joseph’s  home adjacent to […]

An interview with Paul Bangs – Trustee

My first visit to Uganda was in April 2010.  To be honest, I went with some hesitation as I didn’t like flying (STILL DON’T!!) and being a teacher, I didn’t relish the thought of spending my holiday with yet more children. That first visit now seems a lifetime away, the […]

An interview with Jan Jones – Trustee