300 Club Education Update

300 Club Education Update!

With your help, we continue to fund the education of the children at the home, children who have been reunified with family members but who are unable to afford to pay to continue their education, and children in the community.

In Uganda the school year runs from February through to November, and Term 1 will start shortly.

Currently we pay school fees for a total of 67 children. 51 are in Primary School, 14 are in Secondary School, 1 in Vocational Training and 1 in University.  Out of the 67, 35 are from the VCCP-Ty Cariad Children’s Home, 9 are children who have been resettled with family members, and 23 are members of the local community who need our support.

We are looking for people to help provide an education for the children at the project and the community, people who are willing to give anything from as little as £1.00 per week to any amount, just to help towards these children’s futures.  If you would like to help, please CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP ONLINE Help give these children the #BestStartInLife


Enock’s Story

Enock lives at home with his mother. His dream is to become a doctor. He scored very highly in his Primary Leaving Exams, but could not afford to pay the fees for Secondary School. When we heard about Enock, he was fetching water for people’s homes to raise money for school fees. His need educational need was identified by the village local council and the local church. With your help we have sponsored Enock’s school fees for a second year – he restarts school in Senior 2 in February. He is so thankful to those who have made it possible, his hope is restored!

Developing English Skills

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide a good education for these children, Juliette joined the team in February this year. She is a qualified teacher, and her role is to develop early communication skills with the younger children at the home, and to improve the English skills with those pupils identified as weak or non-readers at the Junior School.

“In the morning between 10:00 and 12:00 Juliette engages with the children who have not yet started school. They learn colours, counting, sounds, colouring in and even singing. Elvin can recognise some colours like blue, green, red and even orange. Others like Hope, Joseph and Kate can also mention some words in English. They are very interested in studying and always get excited whenever they see Juliette. Elvin has even learnt to introduce himself.” Brian Mukalazi, Education Coordinator


Thank you!

Once again, thank you so much for your continued support. As you can see from Enock’s story, your support makes a huge difference to these children and their prospects for the life they have ahead of them.

We now have over 45 members who continue to help provide an education for the children at the project, but we are still looking for at least 300 people in total to give at least £1 per week. Please CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP ONLINE.