Daily Life

You may think that the home would be quiet during term time, after all, there are 31 children who attend school daily, and another 6 children in Boarding School. That is not the case though, the home is a very busy place!

After the children have left for school, a head count shows that there are still 20 children at home ranging in age from 4 months to 4 years, including 3 of the staff’s children. Out of these 20 children, 9 are at the home for temporary care as tracing of relatives continues. The number increases to 23 at midday when Hassan, Hussein and Peace return from part-time school.

As you can imagine, this keeps the mothers and cook very busy. At the moment many of the youngsters have colds, so there is a lot of nose wiping required, not to mention nappy changing, porridge making and general care! It was strange on Monday seeing a lorry arrive to deliver the nappies. In total 352 nappies were delivered at a cost of £185.00 which should last a month with the number of children currently at the home.
The children generally play well together, but there were not enough toys for them to play with, so more were purchased to add to those brought from the UK.