Let’s Make Periods Less of a Pain – Kate is raising money for Reusable Sanitary Towels

Periods, they’re a pain. Literally.

For many of us women it is a rough time of the month, and that is with the use of pain relief and sanitary ware. It is easy to forget that many don’t have access to these supplies, making periods even more difficult to deal with.

Without sanitary ware, girls are missing school every month, some even leaving education completely at the onset of puberty.

AFRIpads are cost-effective reusable sanitary towels that provide women and girls a sustainable solution to periods, providing cleanliness, comfort and dignity. It costs just £5 to buy and distribute a pack of AFRIpads, which includes 3 normal flow pads, 1 heavy flow pad and a bag to store them in. If cared for appropriately these pads can last for over 1 year!

Together we can help girls stay in school and women in work, every week of the month.

Please join me in this project to support at least 100 girls and women in Uganda.

Click here, and together we can make periods less of a pain.

Thank you

Kate Jones