May 2016 Newsletter

Thank you 

These last 12-15 months have been an amazing and challenging time for the charity and for the projects that we are involved in, but none of this would be possible without your continued financial and prayer support.  In this newsletter we look back over the key achievements of the past 12 months or so.

Victory Child Care Project-Ty Cariad

VCCP is the main project we support and the initial reason that the charity was set up.

Temporary Care The project has been working closely with the Ugandan Police and the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development to provide a safe haven for children who have been abandoned or rescued.  These children stay at the project while the social workers and police search for relatives.  In March 2015 14 children arrived and all except for one were reunified, with the last child leaving in June.  In June, another 10 children arrived and were reunified in July.  In January 2016 another 11 children arrived, 6 of whom were reunified later that month.

In order to be able to better provide for these children, it was decided that a large room should be built at the end of the independent block specifically for this need.  This would minimise disruption when there were new arrivals, as they could move straight into the new room, and a house mother would also move in with them.  A grant was received from The Openwork Foundation, and along with donations from two benefactors the funds were secured.  Work commenced in November 2015 but stopped for 3 months during the lengthy school holidays.  Work restarted in February 2016 and is nearing completion – all that is now left are the curtains and the solar power backup system.

Reunification Eight children were successfully reunified into families, five of whom are still supported by the project for their education fees.

Toilet Block September and October saw the conversion of an existing bedroom in Hope House into a boys’ toilet block.

Staff We saw the arrival of Brian (Field and Education Officer), Juliette (Developing English Skills), Margaret and Rebecca (House Mothers), and Akim (Driver).  We were sad to say goodbye to Haawa (House Mother).

Community In November we provided the finances for a successful hernia operation for a local boy.

In November, 5 Firefighters for Christ visited Uganda.  As well as spending time at the home with the children and staff, they also trained over 75 of Uganda’s Police and Fire Department in basic life support, rescue techniques and casualty handling.  Training took place in Kampala, Mbarara, Mukono and Jinja.

Other Projects Supported

As well as supporting VCCP as the main project, we also support other projects with similar aims to ourselves, namely to relieve poverty, sickness and distress and to provide access to education amongst orphans and vulnerable children in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Here are updates from these projects.

Uganda Hands for Hope We have been able to collect and deliver much needed clothes, blankets, shoes, toys and other items to this project where they work with vulnerable children living in one of the biggest slums in Kampala.  Since British Airways stopped flying to Uganda in October, we have been unable to provide this service, although we continue to look for new ways to supply these gifts.  We have been able to provide them with funds to replenish medical supplies.

Kyampisi Childcare Ministries This year we have started to support this project in Uganda, although VCCP and KCM have been working together since 2014.  We have been able to provide much needed finance to assist in the construction of classrooms.

Education Update 

One of the charity’s aims is to provide orphans and vulnerable children with access to education.  Without a good education, children are less likely to get a job and be able to look after their families in the future.

During this past year we have been able to expand our delivery of this programme to include support for other projects and for individuals in the community.

St Kizito Junior School The link partnership with Cymmer Infant School continued to develop with reciprocal visits taking part between staff members from Uganda and UK.

Developing English Skills In February this year with the support of the Scott Bader Trust, BIS Group and the English Speaking Union, VCCP – Ty Cariad employed Juliette, a qualified teacher.  Her role is to develop early communication skills at the home, and to improve the English skills with those children identified as weak or non-readers at the home and at St Kizito Junior School.

Since her appointment in February exam results for English for the majority of children have improved tremendously, with many moving from marks in the 20-30% region up to 70%+.  The most encouraging signs however have to be with the very weak readers where there has not only been an increase in marks, but also a developing love of learning.

Kyampisi Childcare Ministries Classroom Block We provided funding for doors, windows and plastering for a classroom block for the community.  Previously four classes had been sharing an open space in the local church building, but the children were able to start the new school year with their own waterproof classrooms.

Community Support As part of our community support programme, Enock’s school fees have been paid for the current academic year.  Enock’s dream is to become a doctor, but he was unable to attend school due to lack of finances.  When we were told about Enock he was busy collecting water for his neighbours to try to raise funds for school.


School Fees and 300 Club The current cost of school fees and requirements (books, pencils etc.) over the academic year which runs from February through to November is approximately £15,000.  The money required was used from money given to Sian’s fund (£470.75), School Fees sponsorship (£7,343.01) and the 300 Club (£2,768.75).  The balance is then taken from the general funds.

As well as paying for education for all the children at the home, we also support children who have been reunified by paying their education costs and sometimes, their school requirements.

Currently we have just over 60 members of the 300 Club which is a great start, but there is plenty of room for more to join!

If you would like to be one of the 300 and would like to help provide these children with an education, please click the “300 Club Education Update” link for further information.



A total of £53,590 was spent at the VCCP – Ty Cariad project last year.  This included:-

Education funds (plus the balance paid from General fund)




Developing English Skills




Toilet Block Conversion




Temporary Care Unit




Water Harvesting




General Funds




In addition, £500 was given to Uganda Hands for Hope to replenish their medical supplies, and £3,000.00 was given to Kyampisi Childcare Ministries to finish building four classrooms. A further £2,685.00 was spent on the charity’s core operational costs – administration and print costs, bank charges, professional fees, web hosting.

Gift Aid

During the last financial year, we were able to reclaim tax on donations made of just over £4,500.00.  This extra income makes a huge difference to the charity, and we would therefore ask that if you are eligible but not already registered with us for Gift Aid, please do so – a form can be completed online via our homepage.

Please note that as from April 2016 we will be using all Gift Aid reclaimed towards the general running costs of the charity – including any gift aid reclaimed on gifts made for specific projects.


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