Olivia’s Story – Administrator and Head Social Worker at Victory Child Care Project-Ty Cariad

Olivia is the Administrator and Head Social Worker at Victory Child Care Project-Ty Cariad, in Namugongo, Uganda.  In her role, she is involved in all aspects of child care provision, from residential care, to temporary care, to community support, and resettlement and reunification.  She is a fervent supporter of providing education for children, and with the imminent launch of the Resettlement Sponsorship Programme, is keen to promote the difference an education can make.

The Resettlement Sponsorship Programme will be looking for sponsors to support the education of children who have been resettled back with family members, and will allow each child to receive a good education, and give them every chance of strengthening families, sustaining livelihoods, and breaking the poverty cycle.


“The Journey of My Education” – Olivia’s Story

My names are Nabawanguzi Olivia now 31 years of age. I am the second last born among five siblings. When I look back to how my life was when we lost our father in 1992 at the age of 7 years in Primary One, I thank God for the caring and loving heart of Pastor Freda Serwadda.

My mother was a market vendor selling matooke at a road side in Ndeeba-Kataala, one of the slums in Kampala Uganda by the time my father passed on. She tried taking care of us when our father passed on but since her income was not stable (matooke business is seasonal), we ended up eating all her capital thus unable to take care of us all and yet both our relatives and hers had abandoned us at the death of our father.

My mother looked for support at Victory Christian Centre Ndeeba where she had become a church member, and Pastor Freda agreed to pay fees for me and my young brother Patrick in an orphanage school called Victory Christian School under Victory Child Care Project. After Primary Seven, I was among the best performers at the school and she offered to take me to one of the good schools for secondary education.

I joined Buddo Secondary School and when funding reduced, I had to change schools to Molly and Paul High School. After my O’Levels, I did not get good grades as she thought I would, though I had a good second grade. She requested that I go for a course since we did not have enough funds for Higher Education. I was very ambitious and always aimed for the best in life. I refused, and funding was cut that time. At that time one of my mother’s siblings staying in Germany offered to help as a way of returning a favour for the help our father rendered to her family. I was very happy that I was joining Secondary School, since I had got a placement at Old Kampala Secondary School under the Government schools selections, I just went to claim my place and started school.

After Senior Five, my Auntie stopped funding and I did not have anywhere else to go except to Pastor Freda who was like my second mother. She agreed to take me through Senior Six and I completed. I was given a placement at Makerere University Business School (MUBs) in the faculty of Business Administration, however I did not have the money to take on the course, and funding had been cut thus I had to look for ways to continue with my education since I never wanted to end at Senior Six.

I was able to get a job at a petrol station as a sales lady in the shop, as well as handling customer fuel accounts. After a year of saving, this job enabled me to fulfil my dream of starting University in the faculty of Special Needs, Department of Community Rehabilitation at Kyambogo University, one of the oldest and most recognised Universities in Uganda. I managed to acquire a profession with a Second Class upper degree in Community Based Rehabilitation at Kyambogo in 2009. I now work as an Administrator/ Head Social Worker at Victory Child Care Project in Namugongo, where God has enabled me to transform more lives.

I will always be grateful for the foundation of Victory Child Care Project because without it, I may have not fulfilled my dream. May God bless Freda Serwadda, Director of VCCP.