Resettlement Update

Following Morris’ resettlement on 12th February, Brian and Olivia made a follow up visit to monitor his progress in a family environment and to collect his school report card.

On arrival, they were happy to see us again. Wampamba (Morris’ cousin brother) said that Morris has not faced any challenges at home. However he could have faced some other challenges while at school because he performed averagely in class.

Morris’ great grandmother said that Morris is a highly disciplined boy and has a lot of interest in studying. He normally wakes up at 5:30am to prepare himself and go to school, she is very hopeful that he will improve.  She further said that Morris is very good at cooking rice and she enjoys eating rice prepared by him.

When Morris brought his report card, he had performed averagely, this could be attributed to the strange environment. He has been trying to copy with everything at home and school. Brian and Olivia encouraged him to work very hard so that he can attain better grades next term.

Otherwise Morris was looking very health and had added some weight. This implies that he is very comfortable with the situation he is living under.  Morris is a success story of resettlement, the family is working hard to fulfill its part and Morris is also blending into the community setting slowly by slowly.