Term 3 Begins!

Term 3 has just started in Uganda, and it has been a busy time for all in preparation for the new term.

Teacher Juliette has been working with the pre-schoolers, and we wish Hope and Bridget all the best as they start school for the very first time.

Hope and Bridget

We have also increased our support for those in the community who need help either with school fees, books or uniforms in order to continue their education.  The number supported has increased from 3 to 23 this year alone, and with your support, we look forward to increasing this further again.


300 Club for Education

As many of you will know, we set up the 300 Club for Education to help us meet our ever increasing cost of education in Uganda.  When we started the 300 Club, our school fees were at a level where 300 people giving just £1 per week would cover the costs.  Since then, we have increased our level of educational support, and now support the provision for education of the children at the home, children who are reunified with family members, children needing educational financial support in the community, and are now looking ahead so that we can add educational fees support for foster care families.  This has increased our current cost of education provision and it will continue to increase, so we need to look at increasing our educational funding.

Keeping the 300 Club title, we now feel that we should be looking for 300 people to join the sponsorship programme – you can give any amount, regular or as a one-off contribution, and can give any amount from £1 per week, to £1 per second or any amount in between!


Currently we support the education of 35 children from the children’s home, 9 children who have been reunified – 1 has just started University-, and 23 children from the community.  That’s a total of 67 children – 1 in University, 14 in Secondary school, and 52 in Primary school!


The good news is, that we have space for me people to sign up and help provide an education for these children.

If you would like to help, please click here to sign up.