Firefighters for Christ Training Saves a Young Life

On Thursday 27th October. John Hunt and Paul Thomas went to visit the Fire Police Station in Mukono, Uganda.  Just twelve months ago the Fire Police officers at this station were trained in special rescue techniques using webbing straps.  They were also given basic First Aid training in casualty handling and C.P.R. (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) by a team of Firefighters from N. Ireland, Wales and U.S.A.  Each Fire Police Officer was issued with their own personal rescue strap, which was to be kept in their protective clothing, ready for immediate use in an emergency.

Mukono Fire Station

John and Paul were warmly greeted by Dan, the Officer in Charge and the duty crew, who were only too eager to show us the straps they were issued with.

I asked them if they had been using them recently – Dan informed me that they had carried out a rescue of a new born baby from a 40 foot deep pit latrine that very morning using the rescue straps. The mother was in the late stages of labour and went to the pit latrine toilet.  The baby delivered without warning as she was relieving herself and dropped 40ft. into the sludge below.  The only news we have of the baby and mother is that they are both ok – this was just a terrible accident.

Numerous rescues have been carried out over the last year since they were trained – all the officers were so appreciative of their training and gift of straps and First Aid training.

Thank you Firefighters for Christ, your training and dedication is providing invaluable in saving lives in Uganda.  We are so very grateful!

Mukono Fire Station